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Auto Assistant Tool for Car ECU Induction Loop Director
No.: 031123
Weight: 10 g
Origin: China
Warranty: Quality Guarantee
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 Product Description

*Without any equipment, testers can quickly diagnose Benz, BMW and all other models not start, Mercedes-Benz EIS, and a variety of models BMW CAS ECU security computer working condition, convenient and fast test failure.
*Tester suitable for any vehicle with a chip testing.

Benz models tester Usage:The tester placed in the lock; infrared original car key into the lock.
1) light does not go off: that lock and key are normal.
2) After the lights go out: that the normal lock, key bad.
3) light does not go out, but the car still does not start: Check ESL steering wheel lock or key is normal.
4) does not light, said: lock bad.

BMW models tester, according to the vehicle system is divided into three test methods:
1.Diamond Key (EWS):

The tester placed directly on the lock (not required to insert the key)
1) light: Indicates that lock properly (for: E46/E39/E53)
2) does not light: Indicates the EWS does not work or has been damaged.
3) lamp does not go out, but the car still can not launch: Please check whether the normal key.

2.Intelligent key inhaled keys (CAS 1/3 series, 5 series / 7):

The tester is stick locks:
1) Insert the key and light slow flash status, which means that key and lock properly.
2) did not insert the key, lights flash status: Indicates CAS normal.

3.BMW F series chassis, the same can test CAS4 security computer working condition:

The tester stick steering column near the key sensing area,
1) will light, slow flash status, CAS4 security computer is working properly.
2) lamp does not light, CAS4 security computer is not working properly.

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